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Environmentally Conscious
Knowledgable Staff

TTS Thermaltech Systems Inc. is a Burnaby, BC Canada based business that designs, engineers and manufactures a wide range of products for the residential and commercial hydronic heating markets.

We offer a diverse range of off the shelf control products for hydronic heating control and temperature monitoring, as well as offer custom design + build services for high end residential home automation projects where standard products don't meet the needs of the client.

Local Support

We locally support all the products we design, manufacture and sell. You can be assured that when you have questions, you will get the answers you need. The same members of our team that design and build our products, provide technical support to our customers. Also, our manuals are incredible sources of information that explain all of each products features, capabilities and specifications in a clear and concise manner.

Environmentally Conscious

We think about the professional heating installer, the home owner, and our environmental impact at every step of our design and manufacturing process. This ensures that products are durable, flexible and exceed expectations. We believe that better value means our products must perform better, and offer more features than competitive products while remaining affordable.

We also feel that reducing plastics usage, and promoting the use of recyclable materials in our products not only make for a better product, but also help make for a more sustainable world.

Custom design services...

Sometimes, what you need, is something that doesn't exist...

For nearly three decades, we have been creating custom mechanical solutions, sophisticated electronic hardware and creative software solutions for the industrial, commercial and residential markets. From large scale industrial process control systems, to efficient residential heating appliances, TTS Thermaltech has the experience to make your bespoke requirements a reality.

Please contact us to discuss your custom requirements.

Check out some of our custom projects...

Custom mechanical design services

We use Siemens SolidEdge to develop complete 3D modeled solutions for your project. From sheet metal design, to CNC machined parts and assemblies. We also are well able to work from existing drawings and designs provided in Solidworks and AutoCAD formats.

Custom electronic controls and software

All of our electronic products and software are developed and manufactured in Canada at our Burnaby, BC based offices. All electronic products are developed using Altium ECAD software, and are manufactured on our in-house SMT production line. This allows us to offer unparalleled ability to offer customized and specialty products to our customers.

Every customer is unique...

At TTS Thermaltech, our customer always come first. Whether you are a contractor, designer, engineer or homeowner, we strive to offer the best design, engineering and support services possible. 

Whether you require assistance designing a hydronic, domestic hot water, pool or spa heating system, or if you require a completely custom designed system or product, let our experience help guide you towards a unique solution.

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