Our Most Recent Projects

Over the years, we have been extremely fortunate to be included in some very special projects for some very special clients. While we can not disclose our client list, we can show some of the amazing work we have been honoured to be a part of.

Custom Soaking Tub

We were honored to be part of this once in a lifetime project for a special customer.

A one of a kind soaking tub carved from a single block of imported marble, and included incredible features such as high flow rate fill from empty, recirculated temperature control, radiant heated tub body, in jet LED lighting, and automatic water level control. We created 3D models and blueprints used in the carving of the tub (both by machine and by hand), designed the fluid handling and thermal systems, and designed all hardware components including jets, lighting and drains.

Well Water + Processing

When a discerning client makes a request for an endless supply of crystal clear drinking water for their new home in California, we were happy to help.

After drilling a brand new, one hundred foot deep well into a natural aquifer. We designed and implemented one of the most spectacular water processing systems ever installed in a residential home. With three 5000 gallon underground tanks below the clients front lawn, we were able to capture, process, and completely utilize all of the pre and post process water, allowing for pure, filtered and re-mineralized water for the customers home, while utilizing unfiltered, and reverse osmosis waste water for lawn and garden use.

Meanwell Communicator

When a clients edge power project required tight integration of multiple low voltage power supplies with a supervisory control system, we created a custom Modbus serial communications module for bridging between a Wago PLC and the power supply manufacturers proprietary I2C interface.

This involved a custom circuit board with micro controller, USB, RS-232 and I2C interfaces, and a custom firmware package.

2N Security Gatebox

A deceivingly simple looking project with a mountain of time and fabrication to make a customers vision a reality.

When an European specification voice over IP based gate entry system was implemented in a customer home, off the shelf pedestals and gate boxes were not suitable either due to size, appearance or material specification.

We worked with the customer to deliver a gate box, constructed entirely of 316 Stainless Steel, with no visible fasteners or welds. Integrated locking mechanism, ventilation, LED lighting, and security features such as tamper detection and impact sensing.

Miele Washer Pedestal

When a  customer required a method for tempering (cooling) the output of a commercial washing machine that was to be installed in a residential application, we were more than happy to facilitate a solution.

Using a stock Miele washer pedestal as the inspiration and overall design aesthetic for the end product, our design combined the features of a cooling tank, control system, maintenance cart within the confines of the stock pedestal cosmetic trim.

Constructed entirely of 316 Stainless Steel and billet Aluminum, this project made a nearly impossible installation a breeze using an integrated air bag suspension and multi-directional wheels to allow for ease of installation and maintenance. The factory pedestal front cosmetic trim was modified and fitted with a custom magnetic retention system, in order to easily access wiring, mechanical and air lift controls.